How We Help You


Business Continuity and Succession Planning

It's estimated that 80 percent of small-medium sized, privately held businesses will not survive to the next generation. Unfortunately this is a type of planning that too many business owners put off, until it's too late. Indeed it can be a difficult process to go through, but it is more painful not to in the end. As John F. Kennedy pointed out, if it is painful making decisions in working through things, it is less painful than the alternative of doing nothing.

Tricord Wealth Advisors can work with you in valuation and strategic planning, estate issues, and making sure that the right elements and people are in place so that when the time comes to turn the corner, the business will be there for generations to come.


Estate Analysis & Planning

There are many issues when you talk about estate planning. On the surface, most people think about taxes. There are many other issues that go along with the estate planning, and it is not just about large estates. There are issues about state taxes, probate costs and the family issues that ultimately arise if not addressed ahead of time. Ironically, it is often the “soft” issues of issues that ultimately can become the hardest when gone neglected.


Executive Compensation

Our business owner clients know the value of their people—especially those key individuals whose work plays a vital role in the success of their organizations. Finding those quality people is challenging enough—keeping them often more so. The business must take steps to reward and retain those key people. Indeed a 401k program is a useful tool, as well as taking steps to educate and motivate the  employees to participate. Often, it is in this area of education and communication that many companies drop the ball.

Businesses can also put together selective programs that reward and retain those people whose contributions to the organization are most significant. These include supplement retirement programs that provide the incentives for people to stick around and help build stability in the organization's leadership and direction.


Tax Planning

We live in the best country on earth. We need to pay our taxes, but at the same time we should not pay any more than is required. When we pay excessive taxes, that means someone or something else is missing out. So, we need to be smart in our tax strategies, and business owners have the most opportunities to save tax dollars and to provide benefits and services that are tax deductible for them and for their employees. But it takes planning ahead of time—not at year's end. We estimate that 90 percent of people are overpaying their taxes because they do not take advantage of all the opportunities available to them. If you are a business owner and you are paying too much taxes, it is hurting your business, employees and family in ways you are unaware. Tricord Wealth Advisors are here to help you render to Caesar only what is Caesar's.



At Tricord Wealth Advisors, we believe that everything we have is a gift. This means being good stewards with what we have received, and that includes our finances. Of all our clients, it is those individuals and business owners who are good stewards and understand this principle whose finances are always in good shape.

Through legacy and gift planning, we help clients help themselves, their families and their communities all at the same time. Through some very advanced charitable planning vehicles that are out there now that are very powerful, you can actually give more to your family, more to charity, and less to taxes.